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Academic Papers and Research

Geir Hovland and Jan Kucera: Nonlinear Feedback Control and Stability Analysis of a  Proof-of-Work Blockchain

Geir Hovland and Jan Kucera: Security of the Bismuth Blockchain

Geir Hovland and Jan Kucera: Tail Removal Block Validation: Implementation and Analysis

References to Bismuth

Pedro Pinheiro, Ricardo Santos, Ricardo Barbosa: Industry 4.0 Multi-agent System Based Knowledge Representation Through Blockchain

Sotirios Liaskos, Bo Wang, Nahid Alimohammadi: Blockchain Networks as Adaptive Systems

George Bissias, David Thibodeau, Brian N. Levine: Bonded Mining: Difficulty Adjustment by Miner Commitment

Alberto Leva, Silvia Strada, Mara Tanelli: Control-oriented modelling of proof-of-work blockchains

Wei Zhou, Information Department, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China: Fuzzy rules based efficient event-driven simulation of blockchain-based applications


Jan Kucera: Semantic Interpretation

Jan Kucera: Shielded Tokens